100% Rayon Viscose Centrifugal FSC

DTX 660/90 Bright Quality

Only Ecru available

DTX 335/48 Bright Quality

download the shade card

DTX 167/40 Bright Quality

Rayon 150 .1

download the shade card

100% Rayon Viscose Centrifugal

100% cellulosic and biodegradable yarn.

Silky and smooth look with a fresh and soft touch.

Fiber with good absorbent features, comfortable to wear in contact with the skin, prevents sweating and bad smells.

Perfect for lining fabrics or underwear garments.

It gives  fabrics elegant drape and natural fall.

Available in a range of colours just suitable to design and develope drawings on jaquard  fabrics

Raw (Ecru) and dope dyed colors
Ready from stock

Rayon rocche 2
Rayon rocche

No minimum order quantity.